We aim to proactively contribute towards the enhancement of our customers' hires by providing the best in class Background Screening & Verification services.




The PCIL holds expertise in conducting extensive due diligence over entities, vendors, directors, promoters, stakeholders, founders, CEO etc. to empower and enable multinationals, corporates, SMEs, investors etc. for tranquil decisions relevant to pre & post business transactional strategies.

Our in-house team capabilities illustrate professional consultants, worldwide strategic alliances, networks, partners who are competent of performing overt and covert due diligence & researches. We undertake due diligence & investigations discreetly and maintain confidentiality of highest grade.

Essential components featured below:

  1. Company Details

  2. Registration Details

  3. Management/ Shareholding

  4. Financial details

  5. Affiliates/Subsidiaries

  6. Skill Training and Assessment

  7. Legal Filings

  8. Criminal/Civil Proceedings

  9. Global Database Checks

    1. Global Law Enforcement Dataset

    2. OFAC++ Database

    3. Alleged Terrorist Dataset

    4. Global Regulatory (Others) Dataset

    5. Global Financial Regulatory Dataset

    6. Global Terrorist Risk (Govt. Agencies) Dataset

  10. Political/Government Affiliations

  11. Onsite Verification with Photos

  12. Reputation of the Company

  13. Local and International Media Checks

  14. Membership of Chambers/Federations


Premier Consultancy & Investigation is a leading investigation company situated in India providing of variety of investigations services in India, Middle East and South Asia.

Investigation wing of Premier Shield Private Limited can conduct Due Diligence on companies and individuals and provide you with current information and analysis, enabling you to formalize your decision making strategy. Our Due Diligence practice advises multinational corporations/Indian investors prior to selecting a local business partner or making investments. We are well versed with the intricacies of risk environment and business dynamics in the Middle East.


Through our in-house professional consultants, worldwide partner companies and strategic alliances, network and expertise of overt and covert research, we undertake investigations into company trading and evaluate performance, provide confirmation of the company structure and where appropriate scrutinize the trading operation to establish the authenticity and bona fides of the business.

Our On-demand Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) involves the detailed physical and technical inspection of the working environment to detect, locate and identify illicit bugging devices neutralizing covert surveillance devices. We assess vulnerabilities and advise & assist in removing gaps to improve data security as well overall security of the organization.


Our Unique Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) approach includes usage of high end devices and best practices

  1. The entire area of the rooms/halls are checked with the NLJD (Non Linear Junction Detector), ORION, NJE-4000. It is searched for presence of Passive / active radio microphones for concealments in objects like furniture, tables, telephones etc. It is capable of identifying electronic surveillance bugs hidden in flower pots, photo frames, panels etc. in inactive (remote controlled) conditions.

  2. The entire area is minutely checked by Pro-7000FX. It is an intelligent compact hand held countersurveillance device, designed to detect and locate the presence of covert surveillance devices. It is thelatest digital RF and micro processor device covering VHF, UHF and Micro transmitters covering a rangeof 1 MHz to 7200MHz capable of detecting miniature room transmitters, Mains powered, telephones,video transmitters, mobile phone, GSM, 2G & 3G devices etc.

  3. Thorough Physical checks are carried out with search mirrors.

  4. Checks of telephones, wherever necessary checked by telephone analyzer Libra 9

  5. Sweep Plots: All the sweep plots are taken to confirm there that the entire area is free from any type of eavesdropping devices. These are individually analyzed in the frequency range of 5 MHz to 1500 MHz to confirm that there are no transmissions from the conference room. The electronic surveillance devices are normally used in the above frequency range of 5 to1500 Mhz.

Insurance Fraud & Death Claim Investigations

Premier Consultancy & Investigation's comprehensive experience allows investigating death claim meticulously. We conduct all the major areas of investigation for investigating the contestable death claim investigations and the collected evidences are presented in a format, which can be used as evidence, even in the courts.


The following major investigations are conducted during the investigation:


  1. Name/Age of the Claimant (Includes Full Profile)

  2. Proper Identification of the claimant (In accidental cases)

  3. Cause of Death (Full Investigation of Reasons behind Death)

  4. Tracing of Witnesses / Obtaining Statements


Premier Consultancy & Investigation provides cost - effective, result based solutions for mitigating potential insurance fraud scenarios. Our Insurance fraud & Investigation team specializes in all forms of insurance claims cases and are equipped with requisite experience & skills to investigate all commercial, domestic and casualty classes of Insurance.


Premier Consultancy & Investigation can assist with the following:


  1. Long Term and Short Term Disability Investigation

  2. Accident Benefits Claims Investigations

  3. Bodily Injury Claims Investigations

  4. Claimant Interviews and Locates

  5. Neighborhood Inquiries

  6. Witness Interview and Statements

  7. Subrogation and Recovery

  8. Emergency and Disaster Scene Response


Computer Forensics

Our Computer Forensics division comprises of experienced investigators, experts and lab technicians with rich experience in law enforcement, intelligence and superior computer backgrounds.


Our Computer Forensics Team uses specialized techniques for recovery, authentication and analysis of electronic data when a case involves issues relating to:


Our Core Functional Areas include:


  1. Imaging/Cloning – Hard Drives, Removable media

  2. Wiping/ Sanitizing the drives

  3. Digital Data analysis

  4. File retrieval - Allocated and Un-allocated Space

  5. Computer Threat Assessment

  6. Training and Seminar

We offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry and have priority service available. Our entire process of computer forensic is very discreet and we maintain the TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY of the assignment.

Matrimonial Investigation

Premier Consultancy & investigation offers Pre and Post Matrimonial investigation to our clients who wish to make informed decision before deciding upon their life partners.


  1. Family Background Check

  2. Character

  3. Profession Verification

  4. Education Check

  5. Criminal / Civil Check

  6. Financial Status Check

  7. Customized Investigation

Brand Protection & IPR Investigations


In the new globalised economy, Brands and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) have become the most important assets of several business organizations. The pirating of Brands and Intellectual Property Rights has become a major trans-national problem. In a world where the Brand is a corporation’s crown jewel, Brand Piracy is threatening the very lifeblood of major business enterprises.Premier Consultancy & Investigation is specialized to protect.




Why do we need Brand Protection & IPR services


  1. Pharmaceuticals

  2. Cosmetics and Personal Products

  3. Lubricants

  4. Electricals and Electronics

  5. Textiles

  6. FMCGs

  7. Software and computer Peripherals


  1. Revenue losses from counterfeit goods.

  2. Trademark infringements and grey market activity.

  3. Theft of Proprietary information and industrial espionage.eed

  4. Damage to corporate reputation from unethical business practices of local contractors and business partners.


Our investigators conduct would also conduct Intensive Market Research/Survey in towns/cities to identify sales outlets of spurious products. This is based on the information provided by the client and other market sources. Some product are bought and sent to the client for identification.



After verification/identification of the samples by the clients, our investigators target the supply chain consisting of duplicators/counterfeiters and conduct intensive investigations for Enforcement actions.



After the identification of the manufacturer/seller, raid is conducted with the help of enforcement agencies.


Enforcement action can also be undertaken if the client has any specific information.

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